Wristbands for night clubs. Wrist-band Custom print.  Tyvek wristbands starting at $13.99. Personalized wristbands for any event. Tyvek wristbands are made from synthetic paper called DuPont™ Tyvek®. Tyvek is water resistant and comfortable to wear making it perfect for short term use. Tyvek wristbands come in a variety of colors and designs. Dont forget to view our Vinyl wristbands for 2 to 4 day use. wristband_client_log_in


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Wristbands -
For Your Night Club Events and Security!

wristband_catalogDifferent designs to suite your might club events. We also have VIP wristbands for special guests.
For night club events.
Customize your band for even more security Wristbands are great for security . Perfect method of visually identifying your paying customers wearing
wristbands. Make your VIP's feel special with a custom VIP Wristband

If you own a Night Club or Bar call one of our sale associates to help you with your nightly events and security. We have all different options for you to make each night different. To view all the products we have in one place please click here

1/2 Tyvek® Wrist bands Solid Colors 1" Tyvek Wristbands Solid Colors

3/4 Tyvek® Wrist bands Solid Colors
1/2 inch wristbands
1" tyvek wristbands
3/4 inch tyvek wristbands
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View All Styles of Tyvek Wristbands

1/2 wristbands

3/4 Wristbands

1" Wristbands
DuPont ® Tyvek™

$13.99 NEW Raffle Tickets
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Our event wristbands take only a few seconds to place on your customer. Just peel off the tab to expose the adhesive pad. Wrap the wristband around your patron and secure. Really easy.
Our wristbands are tear, stretch and water resistant.

One size fits all. Our wristbands are 1/2, 3/4 and 1" Tyvek wide so they're really comfortable to wear.

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Wristband Party Planners Click Here Order stock wristbands online or let us custom design one for you! Submit all artwork to trendywristbands@gmail.com

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You can custom print on our Vinyl and Plastic Bands. Please click here to read our instructions on printing.
Wavy Vinyl Wristbands

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VIP Wristbands- For all Trendywristbands.com Products
All prices and product specifications are subject to change

Night Club VIP Wristbands

tyvek wristbands tough non-tear non-stretch waterproof wristbands available in colors and patterns 1 tyvek Wristbands 3/4 inch tyvek wristbands vinyl wristbands 1/2 inch Wristbands tyvek wristbands invisible ink,shot tubes wristbands wideface vinyl wristbands l-shape vinyl wristbands detachable stub wristbands pinfeed wristbands custom printed wristbands



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